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Has it really been 3+ years?

A Walk in the Park, NJ Senior Citizen Competition Award Winner 2022

This is an older post from February, that I did not publish. Published on Oct 1!

As it is the last day of February in this year of 2023, I can't help but look back and remember.

Three years ago, I was still working at my 25+ years at ETS in Princeton. I spent close to 4 hrs a day commuting from my home in Bayville NJ to the Princeton location. For 5 years I asked if I could work from home, with the usual no, I made the daily commute most days. At the end of February and early March we heard the rumors of "The Virus." In early March of 2023, everyone was no working from home. We were told it would be for two weeks.

In late April of 2023 employees were notified of staff reductions. Some were voluntary, some may not have been. After careful consideration, I knew. It was time. At the end of May of that year, I not only said goodbye to my mother who contracted the virus, I became a retiree.

My life sure is different these days. I am now a full time artist. My work does not know weekends. I am busy most days. Editing my website, volunteer graphic design work. marketing, social media posts, planning. I am forever grateful for my creative passion, my ability to stay busy. And yet many days feel I have not accomplished enough.

A recent revisit to the skill of printmaking, has me going off in new directions. This new art "hobby" is a messy, hands-on, back to the basics experience. Often I am combining my printmaking with the patch up skill of watercolor, creating a mixed media: with one-of-a-kind results. We had an exhibit with the group in October of 2022.

In the spring 2022, I entered the Senior Citizen art exhibit competition for Ocean County. I was pleased to receive first place for my "Walk In the Park" Watercolor Painting. This then allowed me to go on to the NJ State Competition, where I was recognized with an Honorable Mention in the Watercolor Category for NJ. The painting sold to a Mercer County resident.

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